Friday, August 27, 2010


Here we are again. Planning a short jaunt over the ocean. I have about a week left till I have my magical flight over the continental US and the Atlantic Ocean. Right now I am in process of trying to stuff everything into two bags and remember everything in between, while a person at the coffee shop who is really sick, blows their nose and when said person coughs sounds like the big great dane I saw at the vet yesterday. The cough is so LOUD it is disturbing my peace and my ears hurt. If you are sick don't go out in public, nobody wants to be within well, 50 to 100ft of you. STAY HOME, coughing and sneezing in public equals gross. Do the world a favor and keep you germs to you.
Back on course....
The last time I was in Germany was a little over a year ago. Wow! so far yet so close...
I can not wait to go back, I love Germany. I am not quite sure why , maybe its the pastries or trains or everything? hmmm, still trying to pinpoint that idea. I am sure it is the long magical flight over there is what I really love hahaha. One thing to about airplanes, I like the window seat. Okay? I like to see the big ocean outside my window and look at fluffly clouds, as well as being squished up against the plastic wall of doom. Look people just because you like to be by the aisle doesnt mean you get my leg space to counter balance your aisle needs, its like people who sit by the aisle automatically think they get like at least half of the other peoples bag/leg space. Well I am here to tell you that will not be happening this time, and I will not sit next to a person who looks like a sea creature and takes up half my seat space with their out of this world butt - thank you. If you want more than one seat can offer, plain and simple get two seats! duh. thanks. I know I'm being rather harsh, but I guess I just don't feel bad about it anymore. Oh and another thing, people with small children either let them run free on the plane or zonk them out, no two year old wants to be on a plane sitting still. I dont even like sitting still that long. Another thing aisle person let us people who sit by the window and the middle ones out to use the bathroom without cursing at us in three to five different languages. thanks.
Well I feel better now that I got that off my mind.
Off to packing I go.


  1. You should print out this blog post and hand it to everyone on the airplane.

  2. good idea matt. that way they know whats up when I sit down right?