Monday, August 30, 2010

I got me some plastic baby.

Saturday... Plastic compression bags- wow I can fit so much stuff into my suitcase its crazy. Literally I packed all my clothes in 20 mins and I still had room for more stuff. Despite the fact I feel kinda weird about my clothes being in plastic bags, I managed to pack all my stuff up for a year. woo. I think that it is a great invention none the less though. I have a bout 5 days left till I bounce out of the USA across the atlantic. I was reviewing my flight, and I found out I have a 15 hour flight of fun ! I can not wait haha I am going to watch so much tv on my laptop it scares me- oh and the itty bitty airplane food meals ! I am soooooo stoked haha. If you have any trashy show suggestions for my fun filled flight please let me know :) or games or ideas for activities that I can do willst on this adventure let me know.

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