Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So my dear friends- I have made and executive decision. I will commit to writing two blogs a month.
I didnt write much since Oct.
Here is what happened from Oct 17 on-----
Oct 23 I had a birthday party, it was amazing. I celebrated it with my dear friends and my wonderful roommates. We had a pizza party of sorts and drank a lot of beer/wine. This was followed by going to a student bar called kukuks. Upon arriving at the bus stop via the bus aka the limo that holds thirty people- I got sang to. It is a German tradition apparently to celebrate ones birthday the night before, so that at midnight they can be wished a happy birthday and sang too. Wishing someone a happy birthday before midnight is rather bad luck. I think this is rather interesting, and well quite smart too. I as well went on an adventure to see a friend in another city that is near mine. I had a really nice time there and got to see the city a tad too.

Next was halloween, I got to carve pumpkins with my friends from OR and we went to the student club but it was not as much fun because it was so utterly crowded.

Lady November then creeped upon us, all. Not much really happened, except well thanksgiving and seeing the epic Harry potter movie. Thanksgiving was celebrated in Tubingen, and on this night we all welcomed the first snow by walking 40 mins to dinner, since the buses werent running. It was slightly annoying but fun too. It has been snowing here ever since. This means that sometimes the buses come really late, or not at all. Its a new game I like to call guess if the bus can make it up the mountain!!!

Now December is here. Which means one of the most coolest traditions hits Germany like leparosy everyone is suddenly infected with the christmas spirit and the urge to drink yummy warm "Gluhwein" and be all merry. Christmas Markets spring up all over Germany! These lovely contraptions are called Weihnachtenmarkt. I personally like them and find them rather charming. You can get christmas presents such as oranments or candy or maybe cards, and other crafty homemade goodies. These markets feature the Gluhwein, which is a german wine/orange-ish/cinnamon-y drink which is warmed up and served in cups that are unique to each christmas markt. In Tubingen we have not only this epic Weihnachtenmarkt, but we have Schokoladenamarkt. This other market is the chocolate market, the reason Tubingen has this is because their sister city is Perguia Italy, which is renouned for their chocolate. This chocolate market is pretty awesome I have to say. I went there today and found out that there are such things as chocolate beer, chocolate named Jungle Christmas and Carribeanean Dream. I think I've fallen in love with chocolate market a tiny bit because well I love chocolate! its so interesting all the different kinds of chocolate you can purchase or try there.
My Next Adventure is.....
 On December 22 I get to fly to Bergen Norway to spend Christmas with my best friend Caroline and her family~ I am so so excited to get to see them and I can not wait to share this holiday with them. I hope everyone in Oregon and elsewhere in the US is having a great holiday and enjoying their time with their families.
Bis Spater!

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  1. Susan! I just had gluhwein for the first time last week and I Loooooved it! In New Zealand we drank a lot of mulled wine, which is very similar, but not as thick as gluhwein.

    It sounds like you've been able to do some cool things since you've been away. Keep loving it and don't let school get in the way too much. It will be fun to read your up coming posts. I just read them all today!