Sunday, October 17, 2010

its been a bitsy....

Well since I last wrote it has been a while. Yeah I am lazy and not as committed to blogging as I should be. I will try more. Anywho...  a bunch of things have happened
1. I went to the famed Oktoberfest.
2. I went to Gera, Erfurt and Weimar
3. I got my visa
4. I start school on monday.

1. I decided to go to Oktoberfest, on a whim. It was a lot of fun. However the journey there was well less than pleasant. The trains were packed with drunk people and my friend Chris and I missed our fast train and got stuck on the train ride from hell. What should have taken an hour took two and a half hours. There was lots of singing, beer, smoke and entertainment along the way. Once I got there I went off to the festival with a friend of mine, Tiffany. We found our way through the crowds of lieder hosen and lovely drindels. We drank some beer, ate some KFC and then went home. It was a long day, but well worth the effort.

2. I went to see a friend in Gera. He is training to become a policeman. Which is really cool, that he doing something he really enjoys. He showed me around his new city that he will call home for a short while. He as well took me to his old city Erfurt. Erfurt was interesting because they had statues of Cartoon characters everywhere. The bridge was interesting too. The city had put these like little islands into the river for the birds to rest on. Kinda cool. The architecture was lovely too. Weimar is where the Goethe and Schniller statues are. It was so nice to see an old friend, after having so much new in my life. It felt really great to be with a friend who knows me.

3.I finally got my visa for Germany. I can stay till sept 2011. Woo

4. I start my first class tomorrow at the university. I'm kinda nervous, but also really excited. I love to learn !

5. This upcoming weekend is my 23rd Birthday! woo
That is all for now.
I will try to be more regular in my posts ;)

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