Thursday, January 20, 2011

Der Schnee kommt zuruck!

Sooo its nearing the end of January....
There is not much to say...
Except I have been doing a lot of homework. I have been cramming homework down my throat these days, I am becoming so utterly educated it hurts.
Also the snow has decided to show its little scrunched up face again. woo. Back to winter clothes which I thought I could retire a few weeks ago. I was so ready to send you silly winter shoes back to the US with my dear mom ...Lucky for you that wont be happening ~

My very dear friend Caroline and I went
on a hike on christmas day. This is us at the top and the photo below is the view.

Over christmas I went to Norway and visited my other family ~ The family that has adopted me. I adore them and had a lovely time spending the holiday with them :) Here are some fotos of my Norwegian Christmas :) Enjoy -

<<< Christmas with Caroline ~

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