Friday, February 4, 2011


OHHH thank goodness. End of the semester is here. Woo.
So after a uneventful trip to London, I am now celebrating the end of a semester.
I am happy its over because well January was not fun. I had a presentation or a paper due each week
which can really wear down your health and happiness levels.
Tomorrow I go to Paris. I am excited, because I get to see my mom and my aunt.
I am especially excited to see them because its been awhile since I have seen any family.
Like family I'm related to. I have many friends whom I would consider family too though.
There has been little events to document in Germany. It snowed again, but has since melted. I am really quiet happy about that to be honest. I cant take the snow much longer. A friend of mine introduced me to the most amazing wine place in town and a bakery where everything is half price. exciting !  hmmm what else. nothing really has been going on. I am sure I will have lots to write about when I get back from my Paris escapades.
bis spater!
I thought I would include a photo from a while ago that was taken when I went to Erfurt/Gera to see a dear friend of mine. It was a great adventure, in this park.

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