Tuesday, March 15, 2011

just keep swimming.....

Today was lovely in the land of Germany. The sun came out, finally! I got the day off even, and went for a nice run. I then went on to planning various tours for my upcoming trips. I booked a tour to Brugge. No I have not seen the movie In Brugge but maybe I will before I go there. I know that they have a chocolate museum, which sounds rad. I am also excited to see the canals there, as it looks very beautiful. I read it has been a UNESCO heritage site since 2000, and has really amazing architecture too. So it should be interesting.  Secondly I can't wait till this weekend to see my sister! ekkk.... I know a bit to excited maybe but whatever. I read the OMG news today, one of my favorite gossipy pages I read on a semi regular basis along with my news paper needs. I find it really funny to see the candid shots they take of celebrities. Like really who cares if Britney spears goes to Whole foods or Starbucks?  So weird. I as well have been reading about the Japan crisis. It is so sad, and I really feel sorry for the people that are going through all this right now. I hope that good things begin to happen there and that this disaster will end.

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