Saturday, March 12, 2011


I haven't had a chance to solidly place a good, long blog post in a bit.
I decided to change my background today, give it  little more "pep". I had just finished admiring my friend
Jordan's lovely background, and read where she got the background for her blog. Thank you for that link dear Jordan!
Here has what has been going on.
I have been on a quasi break since Feb. from school. I have to admit it has been nice to do nothing much, wake up unreasonably late, eat at random times, and catch up on my doing nothing skills. I went to Paris at the beginning of my break, where I got to see my mom and aunt. What a fantastic trip I had seeing them and exploring a lovely city as well. I finally got to see Paris with fresh eyes and really appreciate its beauty.
I then came home to relax for a very long two weeks, it seemed. I decided mid two week relaxation time to go to Erlangen. I went to Erlangen to see my friend Emi, who lives there and is attend the University there. I had a wonderful time.
After coming home from that weekend with Emi, I felt really happy. Oh my was I tired though, so I decided to rest. Although it didn't last long, until I was awoken by my sad little ghetto cellphone. I love to hate on my ghetto phone, but the thing works pretty good to be honest. I got offered a small job, helping at the Uni in Germany. I was so excited. The only problem was I had just finished planning an amazing two week adventure. I went and talked to the department that was interested in hiring me, and surprisingly they were okay with my two week adventure plans. I now have a job here, and I am thrilled. Its not the most interesting job, to be honest, but it is good to be doing something aside from doing nothing and waiting for school to start.
Another great thing that is going to happen soon, is I get to see my dear little sister. Well she isn't so little I guess, but to me she will always be that 3 year old with the goofy hat running around in her pjs all day. She is flying to London for a week and meeting me, for a whole week. I am really excited, as I haven't seen her since September when I left out of Seattle.  After I see her I will go on a week and a half adventure to Brussels, Copenhagen and Prague. Short adventures, but adventures none the less. It should be interesting to see these places during this time of the year.

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  1. I love your new background. I tried it on my blog before the one I have now but it just wasn't the right fit for me. I'm glad someone I know is using it though because it's freaking adorable!