Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Banana bread, Zucchini bread, sauteed asparagus spears....whats next?

Okay, I'll admit it, I've been on a rather baking/cooking with vegetables craze the past couple weeks. One reason is that being a vegetarian in a foreign country can sometimes be difficult and not leave you many options besides pasta or salad, especially if youre a student with not a ton of time. Basically it started about two weeks ago with my need to have, maybe  need is better than have,  Banana Bread. I saw over ripe bananas sitting sadly on the counter, so I decided action was needed. I really dislike wasting food, especially fruit and vegetables. Therefore I began my cooking adventure. Last weekend I made Zucchini bread. It turned out way better than i expected. I dont have measuring spoons and all the recipes I do find I have to convert to the metric system( which is really for the most part painless thanks to online conversion sites for baking). Secondly I always want to change up recipes. Tonight was no exception. I made sauteed asparagus, and added some oil with a bit of butter and garlic. Superb. I am really excited about cooking for once, it doesnt feel like a chore but an adventure. In the next weeks I am planning try some new recipes and try to make the following one at a time:

1. Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting- one of my favorite things
2. Chickpea Potato Curry- for some reason I really want to make curry
3.Spicy Vegetarian Chili- well because chili is awesome
4.Zucchini Fritters- I just like fritters in general and zucchini ones sound fun
5.Vegetarian Brownies
6.Vegan Chocolate Cake
7.Vegan Strawberry cobbler
8.Vegan Strawberry and Spinach Salad

Hopefully these will keep me busy, and help me learn more about Vegan options as well.

here are the links to the places I got the recipes for my past adventures!


- I really liked this recipe because it was super simple and requires very little to make it.

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