Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plastic trees in May with Friends.

Yesterday, was the first real weekend in May where I got the chance to go out exploring. I was lucky the weather was superb. I met a friend, kyu who had just recently returned from a trip to the USA where he visited friends. I as well met with another dear friend of mine, Genevieve  who is from Oregon and studies here in the same university as me. I was really glad to get to see them both, as I dont see them often. My friend Kyu and I went to a flohmarket, which is like a huge sidewalk sale with all kinds of interesting  used trinkets and treasures to be found. Its quiet fun to see all the tables with eccentric things on them and mixed about. I happened to find a red plastic inflatable christmas tree. I know what am I going to do with a red inflatable tree, right. I just couldn't resist, it was just so perfect. It will be nice to have a decoration in my room that is rather silly and cheerful. Not to mention I'm ready for christmas and going to an area with water having a floatation device that is a tree shape. Anyway despite its silliness I'm very happy with my purchase. My friend Kyu bought a small drum covered with animal hair and a cup, maybe a bit more useful.
After this we all met and went to Neckarmuller, which is a place in tubingen that has both a Beer Garden and a Restuarant. We all got enjoy eachothers company while having a nice beer outside in the beer garden by the neckar river.  
It was so nice to get to see both Kyu and Genevieve, I was really glad about it. So all in all a good start to May.

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