Friday, June 3, 2011

“Amor Fati – “Love Your Fate”, which is in fact your life.”Friedrich Nietzsche

Well, hello, May was a successful and busy month. There was much fun, and happiness had.
I had a wonderful time cooking new things, and spending time with friends. I was really happy because one week, I was even able to have a short dinner party. We made mexican food together, which for me was a lot of fun. I really enjoy cooking with people, and just sharing time with one another.

I feel maybe I am a sentimental person, a lot of the time. I really enjoy just spending time with the amazing people in my life that I can call my friends. Time to me is such a valuable form of currency, we only have so much of it and if I get to spend it with positive caring people I am very grateful.

 I think making food with people here in Germany, is one of my favorite things. Right now I'm really busy with getting classes together, working on projects, and going through the motions of life. I  dislike the feeling of not embracing each moment with full awareness and curiosity. I hope that the month of June, allows me to really just enjoy the places with fresh eyes and appreciation. In about a week I am going  to Amsterdam, and will be seeing two wonderful people I met in Brussels. I am really excited. I'm not sure what Amsterdam holds for me, but I'm just excited to see a new place. I really am looking forward to having time to explore a new city and see more art. I am a huge art fan. I really love going to museums, and make it a point to see art that I really can connect with where ever I go on trips to.  Another thing I will doing in Amsterdam is I will be going to the Pink Pop Festival. I'm not really sure to expect, but I think it will be fun to get to hear music live. I haven't been to a music festival in a quite a while.

After that I have a holiday from classes, and will hopefully get caught up with homework, that I have been slacking on.  The quote is by Friedrich Nietzsche, and I chose it as my headliner, because I really have been thinking about Fate. This quote spoke to me. I could go on about all my thoughts and ideas regarding life and my thoughts on it. But then this blog entry may be REALLY long. I am curious what are your thoughts on Fate and Life? Are you happy with your life? do you love your decisions past present and future? I'm still working on embracing all these ideas, and myself.  

Heres to June, and to positivity.

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