Monday, June 27, 2011

Little trips...

The past few weeks I havent written on here, yes I am lazy, and really I havent had time either.
I have gone on a few adventures since I last wrote too. Not just cooking ones, mind you. I went to Amsterdam, Zurich, and Strasbourg. I saw a couple new cities in Germany too.

I went to amsterdam about two weeks ago, and go to see the lovely Colin & Janine Miiller. They are the lovely couple I had the great accident of meeting in Brussels. I really enjoyed Amsterdam, thanks to them. We even got to go to a festival in the Netherlands. This festival is named Pink Pop. It was a lot of fun. They even introduced me to their friend Theresa, who is Canadian as well. I went to the regular touristy places, Van Gogh and COBRA. Which are both fantastic art museums. No I didnt go to the Anne Frank house or take a canal cruise. It just didnt really fit for me. I'm really just happy to spend time with people to be honest, and I throughly enjoyed my time in Amsterdam.

After Amsterdam, my friends Chris, Ashley(x2), Kara and I rented a car to drive to Zurich. I had a really great time. Chris took control of the car, and went 127 mph on the Autobahn. Yes, this is pretty fast and very fun! Unfortunately it was really rainy and miserable in Zurich. The city we didnt really get to enjoy and ended up going home earlier than planned.

Last weekend my friends and I drove to Strasbourg, France. This lovely city lies on the border between Germany and France. We as well went to Kehl by accident and drove through the Black Forest to Freundstadt. I had a great time seeing the city and shopping with them.

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