Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Hour, I mean happy 4th of July!

The past week has been rather busy for me. However for the fourth of July I, along with my dear friend Genevieve decided we needed to eat. For me the fourth of July has always been that holiday where I get to blow things up and play with all sorts of fireworks. Unfortunately I live in Germany right now and didnt have any fireworks to play with. I love living in Germany, but I must say I really love to play with fire too. We went to a Mexican food place called El Chico. I know Mexican food is not really 4th of july-ish maybe, but Mexican food reminds me of home. I really miss good spicy mexican food, therefore I felt that Mexican food was the perfect choice for me to celebrate the 4th of July. One thing though is the salsa is well not spicy at all. I would say it is more like sweet and sour sauce. Germany still doesnt have the salsa down yet. Nonetheless the rest of the toppings and food were amazing. We had Enchiladas, chips with dip and Margaritas. The food was very filling. After stuffing our little faces, we played a game of rock paper scissors to see if we should 1. go home and sleep off the food coma or 2. go drink beer. Luckily I won, and we went to Neckarmuller, where we had some lovely beer with other friends. All in All it was  great 4th of July.

The delicious margaritas!

Genevieve reading the menu.

The weather was amazing on the 4th here so we got to sit on the terrace and enjoy our celebration!

Waiting for some yummy food!

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