Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its good to be on break....sorta

This week was supposed to be a BReAK.... but it has turned out to be pretty busy and fun!
Because I was in a place that had starbucks I had to buy a Frap!  Photo take by Sarah
Last weekend I went to Zurich, Switzerland with my friend Sarah . Together we explored the city, ate lots of yummy food and then sunbathed at a all women's pool in the middle of the city right on the river! Later on in the weekend I had some friends come over and we had a girls night with lots of wine, cheese, cake and laughter. It was superb. On Monday my friend Amanda and I went on a crazy long hike up in the woods that are near our student housing dorms. We covered some ground too! 3 hours of hiking in the German woods and enjoying sunshine. It was a blast and we got a nice work out too. Tuesday I got to hang out with my awesome boyfriend Gregor and his friend Thomas. We went and saw a movie in German( Der Diktator with Sascha Cohen). I have to admit some of the vocabulary was difficult for me to understand, and his accent was a tad difficult too. But I enjoyed it overall. To end the night we went to the neckarmuller and had some beverages. Overall this week has been great. I have even gotten in some naps, running, and lots of eating. Can't wait for the weekend to begin hehehe..
Downtown Zurich ~ such a sunny and lovely day!

Me at the cupcake place in Zurich- So yummy!

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