Saturday, May 19, 2012

whats been going on since Feb!

Hello Everyone-
ITs been quite a while since FEB! Woo was I busy....

First of all the trips that I took with my Mom and Grandma were awesome. I really enjoyed spending time with all of them. Secondly when my sister came to germany, it was probably one of the best times I've had in a long while. She is so much fun! I sure got lucky when I got a sibling. I even got to show her around Munich for the day, and take her to Hofbrauhaus. We went to Vienna for a day trip to and visited the university she will attend next fall for a semester. I"m so excited for her to spend some time in Europe studying. It will be a great experience I hope for her.

During April I was very sick. It was not so fun. My dear boyfriend  Gregor took care of me and for that he deserves a medal and lots of cake. We went to Prague together too. I really had a great time, minus being sick. We went on a Beer tour and a free city tour. I had a great time seeing the city with Gregor, he is just awesome.

Now that May has arrived, I have been a busy bee catching up on my running schedule. Yes, I will be running a half marathon in August with my friend Megan! I"m super excited, and nervous too. It will be a big race for me and I've been running as much as I can handle since January! ** I added a widget today, to show you guys how many miles I run on a daily basis.** Cheer me on please!! I need posivity from you awesome people in my life*** I had to take all of april off because I was so sick( something of the sort of viral bronchitis and the doctor said " dont make sports" so either he thinks I'm super creative and can make up sports OR he meant dont run 5 miles an hour while coughing and sneezing).

 I have been happily feeling MUCH better, however I do have rather bad allergies. Thanks Germany for all your birch trees, but if I had my way I would get rid of all of them because they make my life miserable. Pollen can also go away too. University started in April too! woo I'm taking a lot of German Grammar classes, which although not very interesting are helping me I think.... I'm learning a lot of vocabulary and word order things. FUN! not.... Also Fruhlingsfest was going too. My friend Sarah and I went there, with all the Drindl wearing beer drinking Germans and had a great day! It was quiet the adventure getting home from Stuttgart though!

I have also slowly began to plan for my return to the USA. Yes, kids and adults a like I'm coming back to the USA for a while. So please come hang out with me, drink large amounts of coffee/tea with me, make fun of my english grammar, eat lots of MEXICAN food with me and bear with me as I readjust to AMERICA.  I hope to see all your lovely little faces soon! xx

Here are some photos from Feb. March. April!

Barcelona, Spain
Salvador Dali Museum
Church of the Holy Blood
Brugge, Belgium
Paris Disneyland
-- Yes I went to disneyland in France! wooo

Munich, Germany
-- Adventures with Amy--

Prague, Czech Republic
-- Kafka Statue--
Stuttgart- Bad Canstatt, Germany

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