Thursday, September 9, 2010


Alright so I have been in Germany for a few days. The flight I took was super. I watched a bunch of movies, counted my crackers, ate weird vegan airplane food and met a cool computer person from Chicago. I got to see Frankfurt airport which is not so bad, just a lot of walking around in circles and a bit of construction. I got picked up at the airport by a friend, who was kind enough to help me with my luggage and took me to my hotel. I am so grateful for his help. I even got to go bowling, which I am so bad at, and I had really bad jet lag. But it was a great time for me to see some people whom I havent seen in about 2 years, and for this opportunity I am very happy.
Still I am adjusting to life in my  new little corner of the world. I have had the joys each of you have may have encountered whilst living aboard. I think buying household items and then having to take them on a bus is rather entertaining. Here I am on a bus with a hair dryer and towel and oh Juice boxes. Not to mention Germans love to stare so I gave them some eye candy look at I suppose with all that stuff. I have been super busy with taking tests, moving, eating, pretending to sleep, cleaning, and paying for stuff. Plus its rather rainy so it seems to take longer to do all these fun things! I must say I have had some fun already. I had a great time with some new people I have met in my program drinking beer and seeing the new city. I have as well seen some of the city and walked around a bunch.
Today was my first day of class. It was hmmmm.......class? Kinda boring, but how do you really make grammar super fun? I am really glad I have the opportunity to learn the backbone of the language, and to get a stronger grasp on it. After all that is what I am here for, but I just wish it was easier for me to remember and more fun. I wish I woke up with like grammar cereal and inhaled all the knowledge I needed to know. Alas this is not possible, but a good idea prehaps.
Tomorrow is another class day, more registering and maybe a day to buy a reading lamp.

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