Monday, September 27, 2010

sequins and rocks

All right blog time, it’s been about a week, since I have really well committed to writing anything except my German papers. It has been rather interesting two weeks. I went on a few adventures. I went with my group to this rad old church up on a massive hill, which by the way caused me to get two matching blisters on the backs of my ankles. We then went to dinner at my director’s house; southern German food is pretty good. After dinner we went to a one-man show of the” taming of the shrew”. I don’t really understand Shakespeare in English so German mind you was a challenge. Pretty much it was entertaining, the guy played each character and made funny faces, which were awesome. He also had an assortment of lamps turned into makeshift character props. The makeshift characters consisted of wine bottles and clear glass lamps with feathers and sequins. You can only imagine my excitement. This week however has been overloaded with hmmm the stress Olympics. Look I know I am kind of venting here, and I shouldn’t be, like hey Susan, you are in Germany quit whining. If you know anything about German homework you would be whining too. I love Germany but the home not so much. I went to the Mercedes Benz museum and the History Museum in Stuttgart. This was fun had I had more time to really enjoy the stuff I was seeing. I like the Mercedes Benz museum a lot, as I was able to wander and plus cars are awesome. Friday was pretty fun minus the stress. My class had the opportunity to have dinner with our teachers. We did a progressive dinner and we each brought food items. It was really fun getting to know our teachers and just spending time together. Not to mention our teachers make fabulous food! I have never had such amazing pumpkin soup or apple strudel in my life. This weekend hmmm well I have been doing papers and I got to see a soccer game FINALLY at an Irish Pub. Thank you Germany for having decent Guinness for me to drink. Today is Sunday now and I have finished my papers and am currently taking residence in the kitchen. This upcoming weeks should be stressful but in a good way. I get to see the Stuttgart ballet and go wine tasting so it really could be worse right?

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