Monday, April 4, 2011


Well the sun came back to Germany, a good and bad thing.
Good because I am sick of the snow that I thought was NEVER going to leave and the fact that I am happier when I wake up. Its sorta a bad thing though because I sneeze a lot more than I would like to. Allergies aside it is nice to see more green around and the little buds of flowers coming to life. This week has so far been uneventful. I started back to work yesterday, and found out I will be switching to a different office. This means I will start doing different things than I have been doing. I look forward to a challenge, but am sad to change offices. It should be interesting though regardless and a great opportunity to grow. I start school in a little under two weeks too. Ekkk I'm excited but then again not look forward to the mundane homework load. Lastly sunshine means pause...More time to run! Yay. I am so excited for running again! Okay that is all.

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