Friday, April 22, 2011

Erste Woche für Seminar....

( My first Easter picture from 2009 in Luneburg Germany.)
This week was the first week I started classes at the university after a very long much needed break. I admit I really do like having a really long semester break in the middle of the year, its nice. Anyway I began my classes on Tuesday afternoon. I really enjoy most of my classes, minus the one that begins at the crack of dawn. I think this class will be kicked to the curb sadly because I find it really difficult to focus in the early hours of morning. The rest of my classes i found really interesting and fun.

Secondly this week is Ostern, Easter! The first Easter I spent in Germany was in 2009 in Luneburg Germany during my first study abroad program. I studied at Leuphana Universitat in Luneburg,Germany. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a special service at beautiful church and have dinner with friends in my program. The church program was unique in that it started at 3am in the morning and went on till the mid morning. We got to see the sunrise, sing German hymn and have candles. The church was pitch black and I had my first service in German. It was a really interesting and fun way to celebrate this holiday for me. The church as well is famous for a composer who went to school there for some years. After that we decided to go to the park and enjoy ice cream. It was a really great time for me and I hope that  everyone has a fun Easter however they celebrate it :)

 My friend Brandi and I during my first Easter in Luneburg Germany 2009 at the Park. Brandi is a dear friend and neighbor of mine that I had while I studied in Luneburg. She is an amazing and talented person. I am so very grateful to her for her help and friendship. Right now she is doing a Fullbright program in Vienna,Austria. 

 Easter basket a combination of German and American Candy. 

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